About My Blog

Hi there! I’m Rae and welcome to my blog!

At first, I was going to write this intro with a long spiel of how this past year has been rough for me. I say this for many reasons: I struggled finding a job within my field, I fought with my parents a lot, and my loneliness and anxiety got so bad that I sought out the help of a counselor (oops I guess my secret is out). But all of that can be shared in a later post and I’m sure there are enough blogs about this. I don’t want my life to be the focus.

My main purpose for writing this blog is to have an outlet for all of the things I enjoy. I want to write reviews! I want to share and discuss my thoughts with those who are in the many geeky fandoms I’m in! If there was one thing that helped me get through this past year it was my constant consumption of media. I love TV shows and movies. I love video games and books. I love binge–watching Netflix and Crunchyroll, and scrolling through news updates via my social media feeds.

It’s more than just a hobby or even simple laziness haha. I’ve love it so much that I graduated with a degree in media arts in college along with a creative writing minor. My goal is for this blog is to be an extension of that passion and my studies, and to have something a little more professional than my ramblings on my Tumblr! 😛

So please, enjoy! If I can give just one of my readers a bit of entertainment, spark one discussion among their friends and family, or give a few seconds of distraction if they’re having a bad day, then this blog has met its purpose. 🙂

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