Game of Thrones: Season 5 Episode 4 Synopsis and Thoughts “Sons of the Harpy”

Just a little note, I do consider myself a “book reader fan” so I may mention a couple details here and there about the books, but nothing major. I will mainly talk about it from a show viewer’s perspective and will do a more in-depth analysis of the adaptation later on! For now, enjoy!

I thought that last week’s episode was my favorite of the season so far, but this episode has it beat! Filled with just enough action, setup, and cliffhangers, “Sons of the Harpy” finally revs up the season, and ups the stakes for our characters.

Let’s start off in Dorne. First off, I’m happy they finally included Dorne in the opening credits…especially since they decided to skip over this detail in the second episode this season. Very minor, I know, but Dorne is a major player and it’s good they’re finally included on the playing board. Bronn and Jaime are seen headed south to begin the rescue of Myrcella.

Even though it was brief, I liked the moment Jaime had as they passed Tarth, the Sapphire Isle, and he reminisced about Brienne. After a conversation with Bronn about Jaime’s changed attitude for his brother, (how he will split him in two the next time he sees him) things went smoothly…until a patrol of soldiers questioned them. Jaime really revealed how much he knew about Dorne. No there are no sharks, but once again Bronn proved he’s a badass as he took down the majority of the opponents, while Jaime is left with one.

I found the video editing to be…strange here. I think they were trying to make fast cuts to highlight the different fighting style of the Dornish soldiers, but it was extremely jumpy, especially as Jaime gets pushed back down the hill. This comes to an end as Jaime finally learned an advantage of his new hand. Neat. Hopefully Jaime can remember this in the future and can utilize the thing that was his weakness all last season.

Next, we went to another part of Dorne where the Sand Snakes gathered to plan vengeance Oberyn, and to counter Prince Doran’s inaction. Honestly, they all left weak impressions, other than Obera and her awesome spear skills into the head of the man who transported Jaime. Watch out! The Sand Snakes are starting their revenge with you, Jaime.

Going up North, Sansa paid respects to the dead, and Littlefinger gave her a little history lesson about Ned’s Sister. We FINALLY get to hear the story about Rhaegar and Lyanna. I’m quite the Targaryen family fangirl, and have personally been waiting for them to discuss this for the ENTIRE span of the show. It may seem like a minor detail, but remember this. It’s important.  He then told Sansa he’s going to King’s Landing and she has to deal with the Boltons alone. I have faith that she can handle herself, but I hope that Ramsay holds off on revealing his ugly side, at least until Littlefinger comes back. I wonder what’s going to happen when she recognizes Reek? Or will they purposely keep them apart? Hmm…

At the wall there’s a touching moment with Stannis and his daughter, a scene I’d never thought we’d see! Melissandre tried to seduce Jon to join the cause with Stannis. To make “light” and “life.” Yeah right, more like another one of those shadow demon babies that you would use to take out the Boltons when Stannis marches on Winterfell. Despite his new position, Jon remained true to his vows and his love for Ygritte…although we saw him a bit shaken up after Melisandre said the famous line, “You know nothing Jon Snow.” I hope this doesn’t sway him too much.

The biggest conflict set up in this episode happened when the Sparrows went completely agro on many “sinners” in the Seven Kingdoms (thanks to Cersei), including Loras Tyrell for his homosexuality. Note, Mace Tyrell was sent to Braavos earlier to speak with the Iron bank and help straighten out the Crown’s debts, so Margaery is left alone. This puts Tommen in a difficult place. He’s smitten with Margery and will try and do anything for her, but how would he look to the people of King’s Landing if he took down the High Sparrow? Not a smart move. As seen on the steps of the sept he’s still not completely loved as the king. He knows this, his mother knew it, and now Margaery is stuck alone in her frustration with being the Queen yet still not having any influence. Sneaky, Cersei.

Finally getting to Mereen towards the end of the episode, Ser Barristan once again gave some more background about Prince Rhaegar to Daenerys! Yes! I have a feeling I know exactly what they’re leading into, but I will keep my mouth shut on that for now. Probably the best action scene this season is when the Unsullied are attacked by the Sons of the Harpy. Since they were introduced, the Unsullied seemed untouchable, so watching them fall to these men with masks and daggers comes as a bit hard to watch. Ser Barristan helped clear the situation pretty quickly with his own fighting skills, but still got gravely injured during the fight.

I don’t think Grey Worm or Barristan are dead, but they are severely injured and Daenerys is left with only one close physical protector…Daario. Something about him rubs me the wrong way…I don’t like him being Dany’s sole male advisor, especially because they are lovers.

Once again next week should answer more questions, especially with Jorah and Tyrion. I know I skipped their scene, but really, not much happened here haha. In the preview they see Drogon fly over, so hopefully something more exciting will happen with them next week. This has been my favorite episode so far…it can only get better from here!

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