Hopes for The Witcher 3

If there’s one video game I’ve been looking forward to for the past few years, it’s been The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s one of the main reasons I bought a PS4, and I’m sure it will surpass my expectations. I’m a little sad because I will be out of the country on vacation when it releases on the 19th, but it will definitely be the first thing I pick up when I get back. For now, here are seven things I am excited for:

  • The Environment:
    • Oh man, the game just looks beautiful. The game is going to be open world, taking on models like Skyrim and avoiding the loading screens. I’m excited, but I hope that this doesn’t cause lagging or jumpy movements because there’s so much going on at once…that’s one of my biggest pet peeves in a game. I’m looking forward to the underwater environment since Geralt can swim now. Does this mean underwater combat as well?
  • The Characters
    • We will finally get to see Yennefer and Ciri, and Emhyr Var Emreis. Throughout most of the games these characters, especially the first two, have had a shroud of mystery around them. I had to look up more about their backstories as I played the Witcher 2, but hopefully we can reach some conclusions with these characters in the third game. Ciri is also confirmed as a playable character, which will be interesting to see for different combat and perspective reasons. Also, Charles Dance is playing the voice of the emperor. Hell yes.
  • Nilfgaard
    • The final scene in the Witcher 2 was of Nilfgaard invading the northern countries. Geralt gets his main quest from the Emperor of Nilfgaard, and the setting of the game takes place a few years after the end of the second game. It’ll be very interesting to see the effect of the empire on Geralt’s world and the people.
  • The Wild Hunt
    • This event has been something looming over Geralt for two games now. I really hope that since this game is the final one, there will be a huge epic battle and boss fight with the Wild Hunt.
  • Monster Hunts
    • Another one of my favorite features from the previous games were the monster hunts. After seeing the demo and the effort it took to take down the griffon, I hope that the major monster hunts and side quests are filled with that much effort and detail. I really want to be immersed in this.
  • Combat
    • From the demos and the 35 minute playthrough that the CD Projekt Red Devs have released, the combat looks so smooth. Looks like the spells and general combat rules are the same, which is a good thing. Hopefully there will be more awesome combos thrown in that will give the fighting more variety. It was very good in the first two games…I just can’t wait to get back into it! The crossbow is also a really awesome added feature.
  • The Ambiance
    • This game has the most unique lore and in-game culture I’ve seen in a video game. Yeah there are elves, dwarves, kings and dragons, but something about this world is entertainingly gritty. The game is not scared to get into the disturbing and dirty side of fantasy stories. The music in this game also sounds fantastic…I was literally jamming to the epic score that played during the combat scenes.

That’s all folks! I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot of the hype around this game so I kept it short…but personally, I think this hype is well-deserved.

The Witcher 3 comes out May 19th 🙂

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