The Red Woman : Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Review

Ahhhh, finally. After a year-long wait, Game of Thrones is finally back on TV. Overall, like the majority of the season premieres for this show, it spends a little time touching on everyone’s stories from the previous season.

My favorite parts of this episode are the events at The Wall. We see what happened to Jon Snow and those still loyal to him, and how Daavos the outsider to the Night’s Watch, handled the situation. For now they’re choosing to wait it out to see what Melisandre can do, and are preparing to utilize the Wildlings for escape. Another interesting thing about this episode is that it seems like the majority of the Night’s Watch didn’t agree with the mutiny, unlike what they presented in the season finale. Maybe, that will hurt Thorne in the long run. 

For those of us who still have hope that Jon Snow will live, the only positive sign is that they are keeping his body around. Keep your hopes up. 

It was interesting to see Tyrion and Varys roam the streets of Meereen. A telling part was when they ran into the Red Priest, who is very pro-Daenerys and her dragons. I have a personal theory that the spread of that religion will be important to Daenerys’s future reign and establishing order in the city, but we will have to see. Until then, no one can leave Meereen because remnants from the Sons of the Harpy burned all of the ships. Whoops. I have another theory that this leaves space for the introduction of the Greyjoy Family and their ships to Daenerys and Meereen, like in the book, but that has yet to be seen.

We check on Daenerys Stormborn, even though nothing too significant happened. It seems like Khal Maro respects her as a widowed Khaleesi of Khal Drogo, but insists on taking her back to Vaes Dothrak to be with the rest of the Khaleesi widows. I feel like a highlight of this season will be Daenerys figuring out how to manage these tradition-hardened warriors and how to navigate their culture again, similar to her assimilation in season 1. At least until Jorah and Daario catch up to her.

Cersei is taking the death of Myrcella surprisingly well. Was it the prediction from the witch or walk of shame that triggered the slight humbleness? I get the feeling that she will be a lot more subtle in her revenge where as Jaime, who took the death very differently and vowed to destroy all of their enemies, will be a lot more bold.

Arya receives some interesting training in her new blind life. Nothing too exciting there…yet. Sansa and Theon ran away from Ramsay Bolton, who showed a moment of sympathy for the loss of Miranda. It seemed like he would genuinely miss her, even though he tossed her body to the dogs as her funeral. Brienne and Podrick (who finally showed off some awesome fighting skills woot) rescued Sansa and Theon from the group of trackers. I’m very curious as to how Petyr Baelish will handle this change in his plans with Sansa…

They’ve completely butchered the Dorne storyline at this point. For people who haven’t read the books, they probably aren’t noticing a difference. Hopefully the show runners will save the storyline by introducing different characters in Dorne who haven’t made an appearance in the show yet. Sorry for being vague, it could reveal huge spoilers if I say much more. I’ll just leave it at this, the Sand Snakes aren’t helping by staging that coup. 

And then the final scene: when Melisandre reveals her true self. It didn’t surprise me too much: in the fantasy genre you see a lot of old witches or priestesses who change themselves into young women to be appealing. I’ve seen a lot of new and interesting internet memes emerge from this scene making fun of it, mostly from people being disgusted or weirded out. Really, this scene shows two things: 1) how powerful Melisandre is…she’s probably hundreds of years old, and still maintains the “glamour” on others and whatever other powers she uses; 2) Yes, she is still human, and in those moments staring in the mirror, we could see Melisandre questioning herself and her faith, before she crawls into bed like many of us do after being completely done and exhausted with the day.  

Overall, the episode was a pretty typical premiere touching on everyone’s stories, but decent. I hope to see the storylines more expanded in the future, and I look forward to seeing the reintroduction of Bran in the next episode! 

The Fandom Jumper rates this episode: 8/10 

One thought

  1. I’m glad you can see what is happening in Dorne is completely messed up. When the sandsnakes appeared on my screen I almost immediately became irritated because I knew something REALLY BAD was going to happen . . and then something horrible happened.. Hopefully they can salvage what is left of this story line as the season progresses.

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