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Switched up the format of the review a little bit more, we will tackle every point in the story by regions this time!

Kings Landing:

It’s time for Myrcella’s funeral, and King Tommen doesn’t let Cersei attend because he feared for her safety. But Jamie is there, and he has an interesting time challenging the High Sparrow about sins. In this moment I feel like we see some of the true intentions of the High Sparrow, as he shows off how much more power he has over the few nobility in King’s Landing. For some reason this encounter doesn’t sit right, and to me this part confirms that the High Sparrow’s intentions are not really all that holy.

In an interesting moment for Cersei and King Tommen, he recognizes that he hasn’t been as strong of a king that he could be. He finally opens up to the reasonings behind his mother’s previous lioness actions. This is all Cersei has wanted to hear for a while as her children have become kings, but I’m curious to see how much she will take advantage of her son’s new disposition.


Once again, we see a little section from Arya who seems to be redeemed in the eyes of the One God. No, she’s still blind, but it seems like the House of Black and White has at least accepted her back into their ranks for training.

The North:

Just when you thought Ramsay couldn’t get any worse…these scenes happen. Once the birth of his brother is announced, he commits fratricide (in a sort of karmic way to Roose Bolton, the stabbing is very similar to how he stabbed Robb Stark) and then he takes over along with the newer Lord Karstark. He then proceeds to feed his stepmother and baby brother to the dogs. I think another interesting way the show writers could’ve done this is at least keeping the baby and have Ramsay raise and manipulate him, but no, he couldn’t have any potential threats to his rule and they had to proceed with the gruesome slaughter. Ok.

That being said, the new maester didn’t seem too satisfied with what Ramsay had done, as he was commanded to lie about Roose Bolton’s death. While Ramsay scares everyone, I’m not sure how long his new alliance will last among the people of Winterfell.

The Iron Islands:

For the first time in a while we visit the Greyjoys, where Yara is unsatisfied with how her father is running the war. After a heated discussion he leaves the tower and is met on a rickety bridge in the middle of a storm by another man. After the man revealed that he was his brother, he slashed Lord Greyjoy across the face and tipped his body over into the ocean. I had been wondering when the show would make the introduction of the rest of the Greyjoy family (as in the rest of Lord Greyjoy’s brothers), and this was a great way to do it. I like the set up on how the Iron Islands chooses rulers when one hasn’t officially been declared as an heir, Yara may not be the first in line. With the rest of the Greyjoys and Theon coming home, I sense a giant family reunion and battle for the Iron Islands about to ensue.


Tyrion and the rest of the Daenerys crew decide to take some action, especially with the preservation of her dragons. Tyrion decides to venture into their chambers, and they surprisingly don’t eat him or set him aflame. Seemed like they listened to his line, “Don’t eat the help!” My favorite part of this scene is that Varys doesn’t say a word, he just has this brilliant look on his face at Tyrion for the entire scene. The dragons didn’t follow the two of them out, but hopefully this is a sign that the dragons will escape and reunite with Daenerys and Drogon.



The Far North?:

Not quite sure where Bran is in the north, but it is nice to see him for the first time in a couple of seasons. One of my favorite parts of this episode was Bran using his powers to take a look into the past. We get to see a flashback of young Ned and his siblings, and most importantly, a picture of the young and mysterious Lyanna Stark. The woman who started a war and the foundations for the Game of Thrones series. This is a great method to look into some events and memories that were looked into in the books, but not in series so far. Who knew Hodor’s name was originally Willis?

The Wall:

Who else LOVED when the Wildlings came in and wrecked everything with the mutineers?! It was refreshing for those still loyal to Jon Snow to get their revenge against Thorne, Olly, and the rest of the group who stabbed Jon. I liked how they didn’t kill all of them, but definitely reminded them who had the most power and sway among the Night’s Watch and their new Wildling friends.

Like I mentioned in the first episode review, Melisandre looks like she is questioning her faith. She was not all that confident when she tried to summon the Lord of Light’s power to revive Jon Snow, and it didn’t look like it would happen. That outcome of the scenario would’ve been interesting, just to see what else the show runners could come up with. Everyone left the room disappointed, but once the audience saw Ghost react and move around, not leaving the side of his owner…we all knew what would happen.

Jon Snow is revived.

Was the ending predictable? Definitely, but at the same time the show writers gave the fans what they wanted and in the end it paid off. This episode was excellent. Hands down.

The Fandom Jumper rates this episode 9/10

Preview for the next episode below…anyone recognize the Tower of Joy? 😉 Also, those who don’t know what that is, don’t look it up yet.

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