Top 5 Spoopy Markiplier Playthroughs

Let me start by saying that I personally love the occasional scary video game. My first true horror game was Silent Hill 2, and I played it with my cousin during a quiet spring break at my grandma’s house. When we weren’t hanging out with grandma, we were in a dark bedroom with the PS2, obsessed with finishing this game. Well, I guess I should say my cousin played the game and not me. I just watched. I might’ve picked up the controller for five minutes, but I would quickly get too freaked out and pass the controller back. Ever since that game, I’ve taken great pleasure in being an active viewer and moral support when others play the horror genre. When I heard of Markiplier and his channel, it was a dream come true!

In celebration of Halloween, here are the top five scariest Markiplier playthroughs for those of us who are too chicken to play these games ourselves!

5) SCP Containment Breach

This game is less sophisticated graphically than the others on this list, but it doesn’t need better animations to be effective. With the randomly generated rooms and environments, each video Mark did was completely different. There were certain patterns in the game, but we never knew when “Billy” (SCP-173) or “Radical Larry” would appear and ruin Mark’s day. As he played through the game’s updates, the atmosphere got creepier and more SCPs appeared, giving way to multiple endings and even more jumpscares. The spin-offs SCP-87 & SCP 87-B are also extremely well-done.

4) Silent Hills: PT

The spiritual successor of the Silent Hill game that never came to be was only thirty minutes long. Yet, it had the creepiest atmosphere of anything that Mark played and is full of jumpscares. This game was a trendsetter for its hallways that looped endlessly but still offered unique scares and easter-eggs for each room until the end of the demo. PT also had the most sophisticated graphics out of the Silent Hill games so far, which gave it an extra amount of horrific realism. It would be great to see Mark play more Silent Hill games in the future, but this playthrough will keep viewers satisfied for a very long time.

3) Amnesia

Amnesia was Markiplier’s first playthrough that he uploaded to YouTube. The great thing about this is that he was still new to the community and it was great to see his reactions to one of the scariest games ever created. The outward expressions of his emotions and scares had viewers scared with him, and laughing at his fresh perspective and sense of humor. He was established as a unique YouTuber, and his videos were great enough to jump-start his popularity. He also has other Amnesia playthroughs with the sequel and custom stories that are also worth checking out.

2) Five Nights At Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is Markiplier’s most-watched scary game playthrough, and for good reasons. This game had a unique premise that was unseen at the time, and Markiplier’s reactions top everything he’d done before. Who knew animatronics could be that creepy? Because each “night” in the game had different risks and increased in difficulty, it took Mark a while to get used to the tricky gameplay and scares. In the end, it’s great to see the growth he has with FNAF. The jumpscares get to him less and less as he continues to play, and he completes the tough 20/20/20 modes.

1) Outlast

Not only does this game take place in a creepy asylum, but the story and the characters are just as creepy. The eerie perspective through the green light of the camera gave Mark and viewers anxiety over the little things. What if there was something that lurked beyond the field of view of the camera? Without giving away too many spoilers, this game also had some of the most disturbing imagery ever, to the point where Mark had to censor and blur out an image. That is a rare occasion in his playthroughs. Out of the games on this list, it definitely had the most developed story that is engaging and leaves everyone wondering what could possibly happen next. I can’t wait to see what Mark does when Outlast 2 comes out in the near future.

Overall, Markiplier’s best playthroughs are the games that are extremely well made and have a great atmosphere. He not only has the best reactions, but he’s also more positive, engaged, and keeps games of that caliber in his playthroughs for his viewers. If you like scary things but haven’t watched Markiplier yet, then you’re in for a treat. Check out the videos that I have linked in this post, or re-watch them just in time for some spoops for Halloween!

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