Summer Blog Update

Hi, Everyone!

Once again, I apologize for the hiatus. Life kind of caught up with me, yeah? :/

Since April I’ve:

  1. Gotten engaged and started planning for my wedding next year (can’t believe this is happening <3).
  2. Finished up a busy 1st year at work. (LOTS of Symposia and weekend events!)
  3. Traveled long distances to 2 other weddings. One was with my future family and one was in Canada!

However, the biggest reason why I had a hiatus was that I decided to take a break from my other writing to focus on my book. Most of my time was devoted to finishing up the second draft and sending that out to beta readers, which was a very important step for me. After I receive the feedback from them and make a few final edits and additions, I’m planning to send out query letters!

The good thing about this hiatus is that I’ve gained SO many new ideas for content across many different fandoms and mediums, so stay tuned peeps!


PS: Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram @Kraeraenyeh for more frequent updates!


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